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Calculator main pageThe same five calculators on your Android device, will also be available on your PC, to help your client make the right decision of buying or selling their property.

The calculator is compatible with:

  • Windows 8
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This is what the main page looks like and from here you can go to each calculator as you please. The calculators have the following functions:

  • Transfer and Bond costs.
  • Monthly Bond repayments.
  • Affordability.
  • Additional payments.
  • Loan balances.

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The figures shown are hypothetical and may not be applicable to your individual situation. Please consult a professional person prior to relying on these results. The accuracy of the calculated results cannot be guaranteed.

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The Transfer and Bond costs calculator.

Transfer page oneAll too often you, as the Estate Agent, assume that buyers will know the extra costs associated with a home purchase. However, this is not always the case. Even among highly qualified people, you frequently find that they simply do not know about the extra costs involved in a home purchase and sometimes, out of ignorance, have difficulty raising the cash needed for these.

This calculator works out the follwing costs for your client:

Transfer costs, bond costs, bank charges, FICA, conveyancing fee payable to the attorney, posts and petties, Deeds Office fees and document generating fees.

The calculator supplies an accurate estimate of the transfer and bond costs that can be expected to be incurred when purchasing a residential property.

When you select the Transfer and Bond cost calculator from the main menu, the above page opens.

When opening the page, you need to fill in the necessary information and click on calculate.

Bond registration costs are payable upon registration of the bond in the name of the buyer.

The attorney registering the client's bond needs to charge certain fees to register the bond. These attorneys receive an instruction from the bank that approved the home loan.

The fees are made up of the attorneys fees, the Dees Office levy, Postage and petty fees, in the event of a sectional title rgistration, an insurance certificate, Bank connection fees and electronic document generation fees.

The bank administration and initiation fees are usually left out of the calculation, because it is not known beforehand.

Other Real Estate calculators.

bond repayment calculatorThe monthly bond repayment is a long-term financial commitment your client will need to consider before purchasing the property. Make sure your client knows what their monthly expenses will be. Assist your client in deciding whether they have the necessary finances to to pay off the home loan and other unforeseen or variable expenses each month. This bond repayment calculator will help your client make the right choices and choose the home that suits both them and their pocket.

Affordability calculatorThe Bond Affordabilty calculator indicates the maximum bond amount which applicants will qualify for based on their income.

Before the implementation of the National Credit Act, the banks used an affordability factor which came down to a 30% net disposable income figure and was calculated by applying this percentage to the total monthly gross remuneration. After the implementation of the NCA, banks are now required to base the affordability calculation on the actual monthly combined net disposable income of the applicants where they have to specify their monthly combined net disposable income.

Additional Payment calculatorThis calculator shows the interest savings that result from an additional monthly payment.

If the amount is paid on a monthly basis, the bond repayment period is adjusted accordingly. The result is that the capital amount of the bond will be repaid over a shorter bond period and an interest saving will therefore be derived from the increased monthly installments.

On the two images we have here for the Additional Repayment calculator, we show you what the interest savings would be for your client based on the following:

A base loan amount of R1 000 000,00 at an interest rate of 9% and repayable over a period of 20 years or 240 months.

An additional monthly payment of R1 000.00 is added to the normal monthly repayment amount of R8 997.26. As you can see, the repayment period is shortened by 54 months with an interest saving of almost R300 000.00.

Loan balance calculatorThis calculator detwermines the capital balance of a loan.

Key in the home loan amount, home loan interest rate, repayment term and the number of installments paid. Click the "Calculate" button and the calculator shows you the outstanding balance on your bond.

This is a very handy calculator when you sell a property and would like to know what the outstanding balance will be at that point in time.