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Real Estate Calculators for Android and Windows

We have developed an Android calculator app and a Windows PC app for South African Estate Agents. These applications are installed on your Android phone or tablet or your Windows PC, running any of, XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8.

You can use it to calculate all your buyer's expenses and minimum income requirements.

You can calculate the following:

  • The latest, up to date, Transfer and Bond Costs.
  • Your client's minimum income requirements.
  • Your client's bond repayment amount.
  • Your clients additional monthly payments.
  • Your client's loan balance after a certain period.

You can buy either the Android or the Windows Real Estate Calculator for only R59.00, or both applications for R89.00

To buy both calculators for Android and Windows order them here

To buy the calculator only for your Android device order it here.

To buy the calculator only for your Windows PC order it here.